The overall goal of planning a training Laboratory of ImmunoBiology Molecular is to provide staff training and to improve professional development of each individual having in much his/her individual profile.
Continuing education activities that are proposed are intended to update the skills of researchers, technical staff and management that make up the team.

The specific objectives are to:

-Improve the performance and effectiveness of staff through the acquisition of both expertise related to their field of work and general knowledge of global scientific interest.

-To inform all staff of the laboratory those advances that has been made in the different lines of research.

-Encourage team-work, promote discussion and finding solutions to the differents problems that arise in the course of investigations.

-Keeping abreast of recent publications related to the research conducted in the laboratory.

-Maintain updated knowledge of latest techniques and equipment available in the field of research.

-Provide staff with a personalized training tailored to their knowledge, type of work and activities in the laboratory.


The following training activities at the domestic level will be performed:

-Weekly Research Seminars: Researchers will present the results of studies being undertaken.

-Dissemination Seminars: attendance is mandatory for all staff of the laboratory and can be of two types.


-Summaries of attendance at external training, events like courses, seminars, conferences or workshops. The attendee will make a summary of the main topics covered in these training events.

-Monographs on general topics of global interest: such as health and safety in the workplace, specific hazards of the job in the laboratory and offices or good laboratory practice. In addition to legal aspects related to research (clinical trials, informed consent, intellectual property, ethics and regulations related, etc.).

-A weekly training Seminars specific for biobank staff: that includes topics like general issues related to basic research, immunology and HIV infection.

-Biweekly literature Seminars: Relevant articles in high impact scientific journals related to the different lines of research of the group. This activity is aimed at researchers, but is open to attendance and participation of other laboratory personnel.

-Group Annual Seminars: there is an annual performance evaluation of individual projects within the laboratory. The group discusses proposals for future studies, objectives, etc.

-Various activities such as attending courses, are offered to all group members.

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