Dr. Muñoz-Fernández's laboratory has extensive experience studying HIV-associated neuropathology. We work with different brain cell cultures, primary and established cells, identifying the mechanisms of HIV infection on astrocytes and neurons as well as the effect of this infection on viability and function of those cells.

The laboratory investigates how HIV causes neuronal apoptosis, focusing on mechanisms of cytopathicity induced by viral proteins as gp120, Tat, nef, and vif. It is been characterised the effects of proinflammatory mediators on HIV reactivation on astrocytes, considered as cellular reservoirs, as well as intracellular signalling responsible of this reactivation and its consequences.

Finally, Dr. Muñoz-Fernández's laboratory works on murine model to determine the effects of viral proteins and proinflammatory mediators in vivo on CNS development.


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