Procedures for establishing the Basic Standards for Internal Function
Release agreement

- Annex 4: Authorship policy of the BioBank with Red RIS
- Form BBF6: Release agreement.
- Form BBF7: Application form for the release of samples from the HIV BioBank
- Form BBF8: Assessment of projects requiring release of samples
- Form BBF9: Report on the results of the project after the release of samples
- Procedure BBP7: Establishment of an agreement for the release of samples
- Procedure BBP10: Research follow up

Deposit agreement
- Procedure BBP1: Establishment of an agreement for the deposit of samples
- Form BBF3a: Informed consent
- Form BBF3b: Informed consent for Paediatric Cohort
- Form BB3c: Informed Assent
- Form BBF4: Data register sheet
- Form BBF5: Identification label for sending samples
- Procedure BBP2a: Obtaining, preparing and shipping blood samples
- Procedure BBP2b: Obtaining, preparing and shipping liver biopsy samples
- Procedure BBP2c: Obtaining, preparing and shipping spleen biopsies
- Procedure BBP3: Request for delivery and reception of samples
Deposit agreements and lists of hospitals of different cohorts
Deposit agreements

- Cohort of adults
- Cohort of LTNPs
- Cohort of rapid progressors
- Cohort of recently infected
- Cohort of poor regenerators
- Cohort of FIPSE transplant recipients blood
- Cohort of FIPSE transplant recipients biopsies
- Paediatric Cohort. Nodo 1
- Paediatric Cohort. Nodo 2

Hospital lists

- Appendix 1a: Cohort of adults
- Appendix 1b: Cohort of LTNPs
- Appendix 1c: Cohort of rapid progressors
- Appendix 1d: Cohort of recently infected
- Appendix 1e: Cohort of poor regenerators
- Appendix 1f: Cohort of coinfected FIPSE transplant recipients
- Appendix 1g: Paediatric Cohort. Nodo 1
- Appendix 1h: Paediatric Cohort. Nodo 2

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