Arroyo de Castro, Carmen
Blanco Miranda, Almudena
Briz, Verónica
Chonco Jiménez, Louis
Clemente Mayoral, Mª Isabel
Correa Rocha, Rafael
de las Cuevas Moreno, Nati
Díaz Muñoz, Laura
Gallego de la Fuente, Jorge
García Alonso, Lola
Garcia Garcia, Mª Isabel
García Merino, Isabel
Garcia Torre , Almudena
Gómez Rico, Coral
Glez-Nicolás Garrido, Mª José
Gonzalo Lázaro, Teresa
Gras, Rafael
Jiménez de Ory, Santiago
Jiménez Fuentes, José Luis
Larrú, Beatriz
López Fernandez, Luis
Lorente Rodríguez, Raquel
Martínez Colom, Alberto
Muñoz Fernández, Mª Ángeles
Palladino, Claudia
Pérez Arroyo, Alicia
Pion, Marjorie
Relloso Cereceda, Miguel
Sanchez Rodriguez, Javier
Serramía Lobera, Mª Jesús
Weber, Nick

The Immunobiology Molecular Laboratory was established in 1992 with the aim of diagnosing and monitoring HIV infection in children. A number of questions and concerns were raised, such as: Why were some children born to HIV+ mothers infected and others no?, How is the natural history of infection in children vertically infected by HIV?, How do antiretroviral treatments affect at virological, immunological and clinical level?, What is the cause of neurological impairment?, What is the role of inflammation?, and what is the best way to investigate new therapies?.... amongst other questions. The objectives of our laboratory are based on these questions. In addition the diagnostic and follow up of HIV infection we work in different lines of research as well as a specialized HIV biobank.


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